Cryptocurrency Terms Explained

Cryptocurrencies have made a huge impact in the financial world. Many countries have started accepting cryptocurrency as a legal tender or asset class and financial transactions are being carried on with the help of currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. The development in cryptography innovation has given rise to many terms associated with them which is needed to be learned in order to deal with cryptocurrency. Some of the terms are –

  1. DeFi – DeFi stands for decentralized finance and are financial services that are built on top of distributed network with no central intermediaries like banks, Government etc.
  2. Dapps – Dapps stands for decentralized applications and forms the part of DeFi ecosystem where applications run on peer to peer network.
  3. Smart contract – It is the contract which executes itself automatically once a definite code or conditions are met.
  4. HODL – It is a term derived from misspelling for word “HOLD” that refers to buy and hold strategies in context of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
  5. Token – A token is a denomination of cryptocurrency and represents a tradeable asset used for investment or economic purposes.

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All you need to know about e-book publishing

Nowadays E-book publishing is a good way to express your views and knowledge across the world. E-book helps the author to write down his ideas which can definitely change the lives of people in a beautiful way. A lot of people have turned their hobby of writing into profession and have been empowered by this new discovery in life.

Publishing E-book involves a lot of processes which needs to be taken care in order to publish a book like doing research on topic and a number of other processes like –

  1. The author has to decide on which topic he wishes to write the book, it may be related to fiction, lifestyle, finance, self improvement or anything else.
  2. After deciding the topic of e-book the author needs to gather the data or information which will become the content of the book.
  3. The information needs to be written in a simple and professional way in the book and same needs to be checked for any errors related to language like grammatical errors, spellings, phrases etc.
  4. Then we need to arrange the data as per context and page setup, layout needs to be organized so as to make the book look professional, we can make use of Amazon Kindle Previewer for this step.
  5. Finally, we need to design and create an attractive e-book cover for our book. This is the most important step as people will be getting the first impression of our book from the cover itself. After this step the book is ready to be published across various websites and stores.

As you can see there are a number of steps required to publish an e-book which requires a lot of time so it becomes quite difficult publishing an e-book. However there is a solution to this in the form of Sqribble

Sqribble is an e-book creator where you can create eye grabbing extraordinary e-book within minutes. This is not joke as you can publish an e-book in just minutes without spending hours in just 3 steps –

  1. Select the template from a wide range of templates available based on genre like finance, lifestyle, health etc.
  2. Add the content from a list of 1000’s of readymade content or you may select your specific content.
  3. Customize the e-book like page layout, cover page and then publish your highly professional e-book immediately.

It is so simple that even a novice writer can publish an attractive e-book instead of cheap looking design of e-book. Besides it also provides –

  1. Free commercial license worth $497 absolutely free so you can now create e-book for your clients and charge them for your service.
  2. Sqribble also provides training and custom made website worth $997 absolutely free with the package.
  3. The package also provides 300 theme layout, 1000+ stock images for content, 300+ google fonts all with a 30 days risk free money back guarantee.

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How to become an Effective Manager

Many individuals in the corporate world fail to deliver results after becoming managers where they handle complex situation and responsibilities. Although many individuals perform really well when they work as an individual but after their transformation to manager they face many problems including performance issues, job satisfaction and many other problems which affect the performance of whole team and ultimately is a loss to organization.

So what is the solution to this problem?

Well, the answer is to become a One Minute Manager. But why? And how? Let us see with an example –

A bright young man was looking for an effective manager. He had visited a lot of places and spoke to many government administrators and many corporate executives, manager of shops and stores etc. After visiting all types of offices and places he was not satisfied as he found the managers to be either autocratic or democratic but not complete managers. The young man was looking for an effective manager and as soon as he discovered one he went to meet him after booking an appointment.

As the young man met the manager, the manger said that he is “One Minute Manager” and he conducts meeting once in a week only on Wednesdays 09.00 am to 11.00 am which surprises the young man. As young man is not sure, so the manager asks the young man to meet any 6 employees who report to him directly and find out about it and come back to him.

So the young man first meets one of the employee Mr. Trenell in his office. He tells him about the “One Minute Goal Setting” which is the first secret of One Minute Management. Mr. Trenell explained that the manager only spends time for one minute goal setting so that employee is aware of his goals and it is then noted on a sheet of paper with not more than 250 words so that it can be read within one minute. The goals should be re-read and the performance should be checked regularly to find whether the behaviour matches the goals. The young man finds this first step quite interesting and then decides to go to Mr. Levy’s office to know the second secret.

When the young man meets Mr. Levy he finds out that he is a young guy in late 20’s or early 30’s. Mr. Levy tells him about the One Minute Praisings where the manager keeps observing the employee and then praises him when he finds out that the employee is doing something right. The manager praises the behaviour of employee with true feelings and tells them the things they are doing right and encourages them by either shaking hands or touching them so that it makes clear that the organization supports them. The young man is delighted to know that a simple step of praising immediately is so effective and then decides to know the third secret.

The next morning, the young man meets Ms. Brown who shares about third secret which is One Minute Reprimand. Ms. Brown explains that if the employee does the job for sometime and then makes mistake then the manager is quick to point out the mistake. He comes to the desk and looks into eyes and tells the employee precisely what wrong is done with true feelings and explains how he feels about it. This is called One Minute Reprimand and is effective because the employee doesn’t make the same mistake again.

The young manager is quite impressed after knowing these steps and after noting down all these points the young man visits the One Minute Manager. The young man summarizes all the 3 secrets to become One Minute Manager as –

  • One Minute Goal Setting
  • One Minute Praisings
  • One Minute Reprimands

The One Minute Manager is quite impressed with the young man and offers him a job which the young man accepts happily. In future the young man himself becomes One Minute Manager by practicing these secrets and shares the secrets whomsoever wishes to become an effective manager.

This story is taken from book – ” The One Minute Manager” by Ken Blanchard & Spencer Johnson, the book has helped many individuals to become an effective manager throughout the world and is a great book for self development. You may check this book now –

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How to invest in cryptocurrency

Investing in cryptocurrency is still a dream for many individuals, this is because although people wish to invest in these currencies but they are not aware about the ways to invest. Blockchain technology is a new innovation and still in developing stage and early investing in this technology may make a fortune for a number of individuals.

There are a number of centralized exchanges where people can directly invest in cryptocurrencies. Anybody can buy or sell the currency just like the stocks being traded. Due to these crypto exchanges, people have found a way to invest in the ever growing crypto market.

Some of the crypto exchanges are –

  1. Blockchain.com
  2. Bitbns.com
  3. WazirX.com
  4. Unocoin.com
  5. Coinbase.com

Although all of these exchanges are well known but personally I will suggest Bitbns as the exchange is relatively new and provides a number of facilities like –

a. A lot of currencies are available for investment as well as trading.

b. Setting up the account and wallet is relatively easy.

c. User friendly platform and mobile application so that transaction can be done anytime, anywhere.

d. Good and fast customer support in case you face any issues.

e. New currencies are launched from time to time providing options for investment.

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Investment opportunity post pandemic

Many economies around the world have started recovering from the pandemic induced lockdown and restrictions. Due to this the capital markets are again starting to gain positive approach from the investors. Markets have started growing due to the demand induced by the consumers. As more and more people have resumed their jobs and business the economy is recovering at a fast speed.

The capital markets are at all time high but the fear of corona virus can make them bleed again by forced lockdown. As new strain of virus is visible in many parts of UK it is to be seen how the country fights to stop it from spreading. However a positive scene in this situation is that the vaccine is ready to be given to the people to protect them virus.

So in current case investors need to take into account some precautions before investing like –

  1. Invest only in quality assets like stocks of good companies so that they are protected from market downfall.
  2. Limit leverages holding instead invest in small amounts.
  3. Take professional help of financial advisor in this uncertain situation.

All these steps may help an individual to protect money from any market downfall.

You may learn more about investing from the book – The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham


Bitcoin Price Explodes!

Most of the people are thinking “Why Bitcoin price is increasing?. Well I had published article on this blog about the future target price “What is Bitcoin?” The latest increase in value of Bitcoin confirms the trend.

Just in March 2020 Bitcoin was trading around $4900 and by November itself it has reached a value of around $19000. So if we calculate the returns then it comes to around 273% returns, anyone investing $10000 in Bitcoin has turned his investment to $27300.

No asset class can give such returns in such a less time. Many organisations have started buying Bitcoin in bulk and latest entry has been of Paypal who is on a buying spree since last two months. So basically the uptrend is intact and anyone wishing to make an investment in Bitcoin can definitely invest now!

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5 Advantages of Facebook Marketing

How many people use Facebook? Any Guess? Why use Facebook for marketing?

Because Facebook is widely used social media platform in the world with around 2.7 billion monthly users worldwide. Just behind is Instagram with 1 billion monthly users worldwide however Instagram is owned by Facebook. So it is very easy to conclude the reach which these platforms can provide to businesses so it makes sense using them for marketing requirement. Some advantages of Facebook marketing are

  1. Facebook helps in building brand awareness – People come to know about particular brand as advertisement are displayed on Facebook pages which the consumers share with each other. Due to this major reason many corporations today have Facebook pages where they engage with the customers.
  2. We can get access to new customers – Facebook breaks the geographical barriers and helps to promote and sell products, services all over the world.
  3. More conversions so better sales – Facebook helps to promote businesses promote their best products online. Thes products reach to wider audience and hence the conversion of them into sales is made easy. Due to higher reach, there is higher conversion leading to higher sales.
  4. We can build online brand community – Many organisations create Facebook page so as to make community of customers which are loyal to the brand. This particularly helps in keeping the customers engaged with the brand for repeated sales.
  5. New products can be launched in a better way – Facebook provides the platform for launching new products and services effectively helping increased sales after the launch.

To conclude, by leveraging Facebook we can increase our business without any geographical barriers so it is important that we make use of Facebook marketing for all its advantages.

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Animation Video Marketing

A new way of marketing has emerged nowadays which is more engaging, eye-catching and funny known as animation video marketing. Marketers create animated videos with local language and dialects and convey their product features or service in a most innovative way.

People find this new way of marketing quite interesting as these videos are quite smartly targeted to a particular audience. These applications have simple interface so that even an average person can create mind blowing animated video within minutes.

Some applications for such engaging animated videos are –

  1. Animation Studio – Animation Studio can be used to create eye catching 2D animation videos which are funny and highly engaging to the audience. The application has easy interface so that anyone can create wonderful animated videos in the language of his choice. Check Animation Studio now!
  2. Doodle Maker – This application allows marketer to create coloured doodle animated videos which are highly engaging and can increase conversions. Marketer can select around 300 templates in various niche and awesome videos of full HD 1080P are ready. Check Doodle Maker now!
  3. Virtualab – Virtualab can allow to make eye catching engaging videos within minutes without spending a lot of amount in buying expensive softwares. Check Virtualab now!

To conclude these applications are really awesome for the marketers for creating highly engaging animated videos for increased sales.



6 Ideas for a Happy Life!

A Happy Family Enjoying Life

Living a life full of happiness is dream for a lot of people. In this 21st century it has become quite challenging to lead a life full of containment and satisfaction. Work pressure stress, family problems, fast lifestyle, economic problems are some of the reasons which make people unhappy.

However there are some ways in which an individual can live a happy life, some of them are –

  1. Spending time with loved ones – Spending more time with your family and loved ones is really important for a healthy mind. A schedule needs to be prepared so as to plan the most important work in advance and complete it in a proper way so that you get sufficient time to spend with people whom you love the most including family and friends.
  2. Follow Gratitude – Everyone has received some gift from nature in the form of some special talent or skills. We need to acknowledge them and have a sense of gratitude for all such things in life.
  3. Accept imperfection – Nobody is perfect in this world so it makes sense to accept every fellow human being with their imperfections. Life is too short to expect everything to be perfect in the first place and complain about it.
  4. Show kindness – A little kindness shown can have a lasting effect on someone can help to have a happy life for everyone. The world can definitely be a better place full of kindness and love. There is no need to have ego, pride instead kindness, honesty so as to make this world a great place to live.
  5. Don’t take everything seriously – There is no reason to act on trivial things and disturb the calmness of mind. It is better to let go things or thoughts which make life miserable and lead to unhappiness.
  6. Forget and forgive – It is better to forget and forgive then to have grudges and feeling of revenge for fellow humans. This will help particularly in leading a happy life free of past sorrows and hardships.

To conclude I have been trying my best to follow these principles but you know though these ideas are simple to list but very difficult to follow. Hope that people will follow these principles and lead a happy life full of prosperity!

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Know more about online shopping through Amazon

Due to emergence of digitalisation the trend of shopping has changed completely. People have started shopping online for various requirements starting from kitchen groceries to high end electronic goods like Television, camera etc. This trend will continue to scale due to the various restrictions on movement of people in crowded places. Increased use of internet and the emergence of social media has added to the growth of online shopping. Consumers become better aware of the products and services and buy them without wasting any time.

Some of the advantages of online shopping are –

  1. No need to visit anywhere – Online shopping can be done from the comfort of your home, there is no need to visit any malls, store, shops etc. There is no travelling involved and no worries related to traffic, pollution and parking of vehicles.
  2. Convenience of time – Anyone can shop online 24*7 without any time restrictions unlike physical stores where there are fixed shopping time.
  3. Infinite choice of goods – A vast number of goods are available online as there is no space requirement for storing. In physical stores, goods inventory are required to be kept for display so limited number goods are available for consumers.
  4. Price comparison and customer reviews are available – In online shopping you can compare the price of goods and services and then choose the best product as per requirement, some companies even provide sample product or service or free trial before the actual purchase. Customer reviews are available of the goods and services which helps to select quality product recommended by satisfied customers.
  5. Free delivery to doorsteps – Most of the online platforms provide free delivery of the goods in short duration of time. In fact Amazon provides same day delivery to their prime members for specific goods in a most reliable way. Join Amazon Prime Membership Now!
  6. Quality products at great discount and offers – Another advantage of online shopping is the wide range of discounts and offer provided. Many platforms like Amazon, Flipkart etc. provide goods at a great discount before the festive season arrives with discounts upto 50% with many additional cashback offers. Check Amazon Great discount offers

Now the question is which platform should we select for online shopping? And the answer is Amazon. But why Amazon?

  1. Low prices of products and services – If we compare the prices of goods and services then we understand that they are relatively cheaper than available in the market. This helps to save a substantial amount on every purchased product and services.
  2. Free shipping and quality assurance – Products fulfilled by Amazon are known for its quality assurance and this has helped Amazon to gain trust among the consumers. Also Amazon provides free shipping on a number of goods with excellent packaging so that goods are not tampered while delivering.
  3. Convenience of shopping – Amazon boosts of a variety of products as you can get whatever product required under one platform. The customer friendly platform is mind blowing where customers are satisfied by quality products at most affordable price.
  4. Excellent customer support – After sales support of Amazon is one of the best in industry and this has helped them to grow exponentially worldwide as their prime focus has been customer satisfaction!

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All you need to know about Health Insurance

Insurance has become an integral part of many societies. Insurance as a product was created to safeguard or protect a person, property, goods or assets from unforeseen mishap arising due to accidents or other catastrophic events. In developed countries people are quite aware and they take up insurance policies for their well being.

Insurance can be broadly categorised into Life insurance, General insurance and Health insurance. Life insurance policy is a contract between an individual policyholder and the insurance company where the insurance company promises to pay the beneficiary or nominee a sum of money in exchange for premium upon death of insured person. General insurance policies cover the property, automobiles and non life items under the policy contract. Health insurance is different from both life insurance and general insurance.

Health insurance policy is a contract where the insurance company promises to pay for medical treatment of the insured person in exchange for the premium paid. These policies are normally of short duration mostly of 1 year duration. Health insurance are commonly known as mediclaim policy. Some reasons for taking up health insurance policy are –

  1. Rising medical costs for treatment of diseases – Due to modern lifestyle people face a number of health issues and it gives rise to many diseases ranging from common flu to critical types of cancers. As medical inflation is increasing day by day the cost for treatment of diseases is always increasing and it becomes unaffordable for a common man to take proper treatment. In such cases health insurance plays a vital role in protecting the individual from this high cost of treatment.
  2. Coverage of pre and post hospitalisation costs – Most of the health insurance available in the market come with pre and post hospitalisation cover meaning the cost involved before the actual treatment and cost involved after the treatment both are covered. Normally pre hospitalisation cost includes diagnosis tests, medicine cost, consulting fees etc. while post hospitalisation cost include medicine costs, nursing cost etc.
  3. Additional benefits like ambulance coverage, day care surgeries etc. – Due to advancement in medical field most of the surgeries, treatments are completed in short duration of time also called day care surgeries/treatment and you do not need to get hospitalised for the same. All these surgeries are also covered under the health insurance policy.
  4. Tax benefits – In many countries people are given incentives or tax benefits on the amount of premium paid by them for their health policies. This encourages them to have health insurance policy in place.
  5. Critical illness covered – Nowadays most of the health insurance policy cover all the critical illness like cancer, heart disease, arthritis, kidney failure etc.

To conclude as new diseases are emerging in the world the focus is now shifting to healthcare facilities throughout the world. It is the need of the hour that people take care of their health and pick up a good health insurance policy for themselves and their family.

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How to Make Explainer Animation Videos

Online marketing has changed considerably in recent times. Earlier plain text or content would be sufficient to market the products and services. But nowadays you have to include graphics, animation, short videos etc. to engage the consumers into trying your products.

Gone are the days when print media or static article would suffice the marketing requirement. Marketing is now done with content which includes high resolution videos, images, graphics which engage consumers in a way never done before. So it is imperative to make use of the new technology in implementing the marketing strategy to gain substantial market share.

Here we will discuss a powerful tool which can help out in creating awesome and funny and catchy animation video for client engagement

Animation Studio – Animation Studio is the all-in-one solution for creating eye catching pro quality 2D animation videos in any language of your choice. There are a number of niche available and you can select ready template for making cool trending animated video.

But why animated video? Do you need it?

And the answer is Yes, because nowadays an average mobile user spends around 4 hours per day watching video which is 28 hours weekly so naturally for increasing your sales you need to go for such videos.

Nowadays many companies have started replacing their static boring website page with funny animation video page and have increased their sales. So animated explainer videos can turn your webpage into sales magnet page. These videos are taking the internet in storm by their increased engagement with customers. The competition is fierce online as more and more businesses, marketers, bloggers are switching to online marketing and it becomes absolutely necessary to remain competitive, so animation videos can be a great tool for standing out in the competition.

Some of the advantages of Animation Studio are –

  1. Easy custom video editing interface – No technical skill or video editing skills are required for creating awesome sales generating videos. The interface is simple to use and by just drag and drop custom interface videos can be created.
  2. Ready-made niche templates included – A wide variety of templates are available for ready use across industries and niches and the number of templates are added every month.
  3. Built in library of animated assets – A massive collection of characters, themes and backgrounds are available for ready use.
  4. Professionally recorded voice over included – All the ready-made templates are with professionally recorded voice overs with required sales script.
  5. World class text to speech technology – It includes award winning text to speech technology that supports 25 languages and 50+ male and female voice styles and accent.
  6. One-click translation technology – A wide variety of audio sourcing and voiceover options are available as well as onboard translator. So create a video with multiple languages as per the requirement.
  7. Professional studio grade videos – High quality professional video can be created from scratch within minutes.

Animation Studio comes with a solid 30 day money guarantee so it is practically no risk if the product does not give intended results!

This is not done as you get a unlimited commercial license so that you can create and sell videos to other marketers and businesses and charge fees for your awesome videos!

Also Animation Studio is 100% browser based, no need to download, install or update. Wait there is more as you get exclusive bonuses!

  1. Animation studio is available for price of $67/month $47 one-time only so there is huge savings of your hard earned money.
  2. 50+ Royalty free music tracks for your need for around $25
  3. Huge bonus library of explainer video assets, props and templates of around $500
  4. Killer bonus pack of “10” 2D explainer style human avatars of $1000 value.
  5. An awesome bonus library of “10” 2D explainer video backgrounds of $600 value.
  6. “10” professionally recorded voice overs by Todd Gross of $500 value

A total bonuses worth $3000 absolutely free!!!! So don’t wait and

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Know More About Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a type of marketing where the products or services are marketed or promoted by digital media. Because of the restrictions and lockdowns imposed at many places marketing of goods and services has changed completely. Businesses have started promoted their product online or in a digital way to sell their products to the customers.

One way of digital marketing is affiliate marketing where marketers called influencers promote specific products or services using affiliate links to sell the products. This new way of marketing is especially useful as the influencer promotes products based on the type, quality and features of goods or services. The influencer earns a part of profit in the form of commission for the qualified sales. In this way there is win-win situation for the manufacturer, the marketer as well as the customer as the customer receives quality product because of the recommendations

However it is fact that many influencers struggle in affiliate marketing and hardly earn any profit. This is because they lack knowledge, skills or tools required to succeed in affiliate marketing. Here we will discuss a powerful tool called Commission Gorilla which can make affiliate marketing profitable and help to generate millions of dollars in commission.

Commission Gorilla is a page builder software which helps you to create awesome promotion page which can help you to generate sales by making conversion rate quite high. Commission Gorilla is the number one page builder software and many affiliate marketers use it to generate millions of sales. Some of the features of Commission Gorilla are –

  1. The software is simple to use and you just need to drag and drop to create attractive promotion page which acts as a magnet for selling products online.
  2. We can have fully customisable page with awesome graphics, video, text blocks with all the social media sharing options like twitter, facebook etc.
  3. Bonus library is provided where you can use templates for creating your desired promo page.

4. Commission Gorilla saves time required for downloading softwares and access information automatically across pages. There is no need of setting membership platforms no need of coding, everything is done within minutes to be shared immediately. So you create promotion page and start sharing faster then the average competitors.

Because of all these features Commission Gorilla is one of best selling affiliate marketing tool in the market.

Additionally you get 100 % risk free, no questions 30 day money back guarantee if the product does not provide the expected results. Plus you get WordPress plugin fully supported with 100% free web hosting.

The offer is not over as you get run up to 20 simultaneous promotion campaigns and import of any existing Commission Gorilla page. So don’t think much and create account trusted by 7500+ smart affiliates worldwide earning millions in commissions!

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How to earn from Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is type of marketing where a product or service is promoted by using affiliate links. The marketer promotes other people’s product or services instead of creating his own product and earns a commission for qualified sales. This is new generation marketing which helps the customer to select the best product available in the market based on recommendations from the influencers.

Many individuals join affiliate marketing in order to earn money but it is fact that most of the marketers hardly earn any money from affiliate marketing. This is because people have no knowledge about this type of marketing and they jump into it just for earning money. Due to this most of the people fail in affiliate marketing and move onto other things. It is a matter of fact that some affiliate marketers earn millions just by affiliate marketing.

Here I will guide you step by step approach so that you can earn from affiliate marketing.

  1. Select product niche in which you are interested. The product may be electronic product, beauty product, software etc. Suppose you select to promote softwares, among different products available in the market.
  2. Research on the product quality and market penetration of the selected product which you will be marketing.
  3. Then make a content based on your findings and share it on various platforms may be blogs, website or youtube etc. as per your convenience. You may also compare different types of products available in the market or mention pros and cons of the selected product.
  4. Include your affiliate link in the content so that if the customer engages with your content then definitely he will buy the product. But do mention that they will be buying from your affiliate links as this will create a feeling of trust among the customers which will help in repeated purchase from them.
  5. If customers trust you then definitely they will buy from your affiliate link. Always give importance in building trust by promoting only quality products and services.

However after following the above steps the chances of success depends on your hard work, patience and perseverance. It does not work overnight just like other businesses so time must be spent in developing this business. However some tools are available in the market which can help you in affiliate marketing business –

  1. VisuaLab – Affiliate marketing is online marketing where you need graphics or videos to engage customers. But making graphical content is tough job as most of the people lack technical skills in using complex softwares and hiring a specialised designer will cost a big amount, So the solution is VIsualab where you can create customised stunning videos and graphics within minutes. Additionally the interface is simple so no technical skills or softwares are required, you work in powerpoint slides and create content just by clicking and dragging. Also you are provided with 264 readymade animation template which can be used to make your content engaging in a particular niche. You get free 30 days money back guarantee on VisuaLab, in case you find it is not giving the desired result. Try VisuaLab Now!
  2. Commission Gorilla V2 – This tool is purely intended for affiliate marketing where many marketers are earning millions by using this tool. Commission Gorilla is basically a page builder which is one of the best in the industry, with many satisfied customers. You can add graphics, videos, pictures etc. without any coding to your page, simply drag and drop the elements on the page and the page is ready. By using this simple page builder you can increase your conversion rate 3 times to 4 times and earn handsomely. Due to high conversion rate the sales is high and the money earned in commision is also high. So newbie who wish to earn money by affiliate marketing can definitely go for Commission Gorilla as they have money back guarantee plan in case you do not get desired results. Try Commission Gorilla Now

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Disclaimer – The views expressed are personal and the sole responsibility of following the same rests with the reader. This article may contain affiliate links. As an affiliate marketer, I earn from qualifying purchases, this means I make a small commission at no extra cost to you!



What is targeted Marketing?

Nowadays marketing plays an important role for growing business, it may be a corporation or a small partnership firm everyone needs to market their products and services. But in today’s world there is some difference to traditional marketing, for example instead of print media, TV advertisement, banner advertising etc. a new type of marketing has emerged called targeted marketing.

In targeted marketing the receiver or the intended customer is pre-decided before actually the product or service hits the market for sale. For example if we consider the life insurance as a product for general public. Life insurance is normally planned for people in the age group of 18 to 50 years and the insurance schemes are marketed in such a way that the particular age group population find the insurance scheme attractive. People relate the scheme to their requirement and buy the insurance product. So this type of niche marketing is slowly but definitely replacing traditional way of marketing. By selecting a particular group of customers all marketing efforts are concentrated to sell the product or services to that particular group.

In targeted marketing the audience can be classified by population, age group, gender, geographical location, income or status of living etc. After selecting the audience then the marketing plan is prepared so as to make the product or service attractive to the group. Many companies have found this strategy particularly useful and they have increased their sales volume because of this strategy. As more and more products become available in the market consumers are free to make choices based on their attractiveness and advantages.

Nowadays targeted marketing is done digitally by email marketing where the email are sent to particular group. Social media marketing is another type of targeted marketing used extensively to target the younger millennial population.

So to conclude in order to have loyal customers for a particular product or service it is necessary to employ marketing plans targeted for a particular group. In future all marketing plans may become targeted to particular audience owing to dynamic nature of the businesses.

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5 Financial Lessons from Covid 19 pandemic

Covid 19 pandemic has affected almost all countries all over the world. Millions of people have lost their lives while millions have lost their employment and source of income. Due to the pandemic and lockdown restrictions many families have lost their source of livelihood. There is shortage of food supply, money, job among the poor and middle class people. However the pandemic has also made us aware of the steps to be taken in future to face such financial dilemma. Some of them are:

  1. Having an emergency fund is essential – Emergency fund is the fund which you save for the rainy days to take care of you and your family. But it has been a topic of debate the amount that needs to be saved as an emergency fund, as per experts emergency fund should be able to take care of at least six months of total expenses.
  2. We can all save more money than we think – Due to this pandemic and imposed restrictions we have understood that we can avoid many unnecessary spending like having lavish lunch or dinner on every weekend, watching movies in theaters, attending sports events and other crowded events which can be totally avoided. This ultimately helps in saving a lot of money !!!
  3. Not relying on Employer’s insurance but have an individual insurance in place – Insurance is a must for every individual as the high cost of medical treatment can wipe out all the savings of an individual. But it is a matter of fact that very few of us have a sufficient health insurance to take care of us and our families. Also depending on a group health insurance of employer is not a good idea as the health cover is lost once you leave the organisation so an individual must have an insurance plan.
  4. There is no guaranteed future income and there should be multiple sources of income – Gone are the days when an individual would join one company and would retire in the same company after decades. Nowadays the income received from a 9 to 5 job is not guaranteed owing to the dynamic nature of businesses. Employer may shut the company or may reduce the manpower employed in the company, in both the companies you may lose your employment and source of income. So it is particularly necessary to have multiple sources of income to take care of livelihood during such situations.
  5. Diversifying investments is a must for stability – During the pandemic a lot of investment in real estate, stocks and mutual funds fell to all time low but the investment in gold have continuously increased. This has shown that the investment should have a diversified outlook by investing in multiple assets so that if one investment is affected the other may rebalance the same.

Although the pandemic has been controlled in many countries but still the effects of pandemic are felt in many countries. But if some of these steps are taken then definitely in future we may fight such conditions in a better and efficient way.

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How to sell more in E-market

If you have an online business and wish to sell more products on the digital platform then a number of steps needs to be taken to flourish in the online business. We need to check the keywords, trends in the market, social media presence, customer feedback and the most important is strategies used by the competitors.

If we select any online e-platform for example we consider Amazon which started as book selling platform but today it sells whatever product you want. The growth of amazon is not just because of the spread of internet but of the strategies used by them throughout the years which have helped them to become a market leader.

Nowadays there is a stiff competition even in online market. We cannot rely just on the quality of our product but need marketing tools for successfully selling goods online. One such software is KDSPY software which is a powerful tool which can help you out in your success path of selling books online.

KDSPY can allow you to have an extension on your browser page where you can reverse engineer the data about the product popularity, price, keywords and a lot of other data in fractions of seconds. It is particularly useful in selling books business, may be paperback or kindle on Amazon. Using the KDSPY software all the details are visible. Just typing a keyword will provide all the details of the books like average sales, average reviews, average price and other many types of data for analysis. The software can also help you to analyse the competitor’s data and thus give opportunity to move ahead of competition.

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Disclaimer – The views expressed are personal and the sole responsibility of following the same rests with the reader. This article may contain affiliate links. As an associate, I earn from qualifying purchases, this means I make a small commission at no extra cost to you!



All you need to know about Equity Mutual Fund

There are different types of mutual funds in financial world. However Equity mutual fund schemes are the most preferred schemes in the market. These schemes are always in a better position to give good returns in long run and also giving inflation adjusted returns. Every person must invest some amount of money in the equity market as bank deposits, and fixed returns investment give very low return due to the inflation. Some of the advantages of mutual fund are –

  1. Professional management – Mutual funds are managed by professional fund managers having vast experience in the field with excellent research team and tools for identification of best investment opportunity in financial market.
  2. Affordable Portfolio Diversification – Investing in multiple stocks will require a lot of money but by investing in mutual funds you can get a portfolio of high value stocks by investing small amounts. For example if you invest in blue chip fund you invest in all the blue chip stocks instead of requiring millions for the same.
  3. Liquidity – Invested amount in mutual fund can be withdrawn anytime unlike bank deposits where you lose a large amount of invested money if you withdraw before the tenure of deposit.
  4. Tax benefits – By investing in tax saving mutual funds commonly known as ELSS ( equity linked saving scheme) you can save tax under section 80C. So mutual fund can help you in saving taxes also.
  5. Convenient Options – A number of options are available in mutual funds where you can select the scheme as per your risk appetite, future goals, time horizon etc.
  6. Investment comfort – Nowadays all investments are done online via paperless and digital methods instead of tiresome old methods of form filling and visiting the office again and again. All the work is completed online within fraction of seconds.
  7. Regulatory comfort – All mutual funds are regulated by market intermediaries which help to protect the investor interests.
  8. Systemic approach to investment – Mutual fund provide a way to invest small amount of money regularly which makes an individual habitual of saving money and grow wealth in the long run.

There are various types of equity mutual fund like –

  1. Large cap fund – Large cap funds are equity schemes which predominantly invest in equity and equity related instruments of large cap stocks.
  2. Large & Mid cap fund – Large and mid cap funds are equity schemes investing in both large cap and mid cap stocks.
  3. Mid cap fund – Mid cap funds are equity schemes investing in equity and equity related instruments of mid cap stocks.
  4. Multi cap fund – Multi cap funds are equity schemes investing across large cap, mid cap and small cap stocks with minimum 65% investment in equity related instruments.
  5. Small cap fund – Small cap funds are equity schemes investing in equity and equity related instruments of small cap stocks.
  6. Sectoral fund – Sectoral funds are equity schemes investing in equity and equity related instruments of a particular sector/theme like pharma, banking, infrastructure etc.
  7. Tax saving fund (ELSS) – Tax saving funds also known as ELSS (Equity liked saving scheme) are equity schemes investing in equity market having a lock in period of 3 years. This schemes provides a investor with tax deduction under section 80C.

All these stocks are categorized based on the market capitalisation of the individual company stock.

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What is a Bitcoin?

Nowadays everyone seems to be quite obsessed with Bitcoin as there is a lot of hype around the cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. There are various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, EOS etc., but Bitcoin is the oldest, popular and most traded cryptocurrency in the world. So the question is what is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to control it’s creation and management. It originated in 2009 and is open source, it’s design is public, nobody owns or controls Bitcoin and everyone can use it. So in simple terms Bitcoin is a digital currency which is decentralised, there is no central bank or administration to control them and can be sent from one user to other user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network without needing intermediaries.

Bitcoins are created as a reward for process known as mining. Bitcoin can be exchanged for other currencies, products or services. Bitcoins have been used as an investment by many individuals and firms although it is normally criticised due to it’s high price volatility. Some individuals and firms also trade Bitcoin similar to stocks on exchange and earn good profits.

So the million dollar question is should you own Bitcoin?

Definitely you should own Bitcoin as an investment as Bitcoin price is continuously increasing and currently it is around $10,000 and as per future predictions the price may increase further and we can see $21000. Although Bitcoin is quite volatile, you can invest periodically small amounts so as to achieve dollar cost averaging and get good returns.

How do I get Bitcoin?

Bitcoin can be purchased on Bitcoin trading platform and stored. A digital wallet is a wallet where cryptocurrencies are stored, you can store different types of cryptocurrencies in a single wallet. Nowadays various platforms are available like Bitcoin.com, Coindesk, Bitbns etc.

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5 Life changing books everyone should read

Books are considered to be our friends since ancient times. Books don’t just provide us knowledge but also teach us how to live our lives happily. Some books have immense power to guide us to develop skills which can improve our lives. Here I will list some books which everyone should read once in lifetime –

  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey – This is probably one of the most inspiring self improvement book in modern world. Author Stephen Covey lists the habits which we can apply to everyday life and become a better person. The book can help an individual to develop leadership skills required for a better life both at work and at home. The habits need to be inculcated in our life for development of our body, mind, heart and spirit.
    • 1) Be Proactive – We are incharge of our lives and we should use our self awareness to be proactive and take responsibility for the choices we make.
    • 2) Begin with the end in mind – We can use our imagination to develop a vision of what we want to become and use our concise what values will guide us. The habit suggests in everything we do, we should begin with the end in mind so that we know the destination clearly.
    • 3) Put first things first – To manage ourselves we should put first things first that is we must have discipline to prioritize our day to day actions based on what is important or what is urgent.
    • 4) Think Win/Win – In order to establish effective relationship we must commit to creating Win-Win situations that are mutually beneficial and satisfying to each other.
    • 5) Seek first to understand, then to be understood – This habit suggests that we must seek first to understand, then to be understood. In order to seek to understand, we must learn to listen effectively and then understand it and then take actions.
    • 6)Synergize – When we understand and value the differences in another person’s perspective, we have the opportunity to create synergy, which allows us to uncover new possibilities through openness and creativity. It allows us to create new alternatives and open new possibilities.
    • 7) Sharpen the saw – This habit is focused around renewal, or taking time to improve our skills or sharpen the saw It surrounds all of the other habits and makes each one possible by preserving and enhancing your greatest asset – yourself.
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie – In this book the author has beautifully explained the steps and methods to lead a happy life by making friends be at personal life or at professional life.
  • The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason – Author has explained the importance of savings and finances to the general public with the help of parables. After reading this book you will definitely gain financial literacy which is important as many people suffer due to high debt, poor planning etc.
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki – This book teaches why you need to create assets instead of liabilities for gaining control of financial future. The book teaches how rich people make money work for them and the poor and middle class work for money. The book is the best seller since decades and is considered the greatest book for teaching financial literacy.
  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill – One of the most powerful book which teaches principles to acquire unlimited success in any field of life just applying the principles mentioned in the book. Napoleon Hill spent around 20 years researching the successful well known people like Henry Ford, Thomas A. Edison, John D. Rockefeller etc. on request of one of the greatest industrialist Mr. Andrew Carnegie. Mr. Carnegie believed that everyone should know the secrets for accumulating abundant riches so he had asked Napoleon Hill for this great task, and the book became a reality helping millions of people accumulate riches.

Though all these books are really awesome but my personal favorite is Think and Grow Rich as it helps us to achieve success in any field of life just applying the principles mentioned in the book.

Do read these books as these self improvement books will help anyone who wishes to become a better version of self!!!

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Top 6 Digitalization changes in technology

Nowadays many people are working from home, but do we ever imagine how it has become possible for so many people to work from their home sitting miles away from their office! The case was not same during the 80’s or may be the 90’s when you had to go to office for your work. But now you can work from the comfort of your home just because of digitalization.

What is digitalization? How does it affect our life?

In simple language digitalization is conversion of information into digital format, that is bits which can be processed by the computer. A computer works on binary language or bits that is 0 & 1. Every information or data is converted into bits and stored in binary format. The invention of computer and later the advent of internet has changed our lives completely. Our life has totally changed and we are now dependent on digital equipment’s completely for our work. Let us list out some items which have lost their usage due to digitalization.

  1. Clock
Photo by Aphiwat chuangchoem on Pexels.com

Many people have stopped using the clock after the advent of mobile phones. Mobile devices can be used to check time, set an alarm for waking up early morning and many more things. So after few years analogue clocks may not be found anywhere and found only in books.

2. Letters

Photo by John-Mark Smith on Pexels.com

Due to advent of internet, humble letter has lost it’s shine. Earlier people used to write love letter to their loved ones, letter to their family members, official business letter to their companies or clients but now everything is done via e-mail instantly or through any messaging application. People have become habitual of fast speed so practically it is hardly used to send messages now.

3. Transistor Radio

Photo by Victoria Borodinova on Pexels.com

The craze of tuning to a particular frequency to hear your favorite music or show or news has disappeared now. Everything for entertainment is available online through mobile and other devices. Also for tuning a particular frequency radio application are provided in most of the mobile devices.

4. Phonograph

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

Phonograph was one of the most common device for playing recorded music from 1870’s till early 1980’s. Now phonograph is rarely seen as better music playing devices have taken its place.

5. Telephone device

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I am sure most of us have definitely used these type of telephones in childhood so no need to mention about it. These phones are now rarely seen as they are replaced with glossy, classic handheld smartphones.

6. Photographic camera film

Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com

Before advancement of technology these films were used for storing the pictures taken from camera. But now all the pictures and videos are stored digitally and they are not used, though you may find them at some stores in the market.

The list can be added further as many equipment’s, devices have become out of date due to digitalization.



Social Media Marketing

Social media has become an important part of everyone’s life. Due to advent of smartphone importance of social media has increased tremendously. Social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Snapchat, Instagram etc. are being used by millions of people.

Due to technological advancement, these platforms can also be used for marketing as they have a capacity of reaching a wide range of audience of any age group. With the surge of internet usage, a number of social media communities have arisen. In these communities people collaborate to socialize and share messages, pictures, videos, and other content. If you see carefully everyone is buddying up on Facebook or Google+, checking in with twitter, checking hottest video on YouTube, sharing photos with the help of Instagram or Snapchat or pinning images on social scrap booking site Pinterest.

Nowadays most of the marketers are riding huge social media wave. Many companies have started giving greater importance to social media marketing due to the reach they provide to the consumers. Marketers are now learning how to engage customers by using a specific type of social media to turn them into monetary gains. Some brands already have their social media presence by creating Facebook page, Instagram page, YouTube channel etc. They engage their consumers on these platforms so that they create a brand value among them. As per statistical data Facebook is the most used social media platform in the world used by millions of people everyday, so it can be easily concluded the reach these platforms provide.

Social media marketing provides some advantages like –

  1. Social media marketing is targeted and focused – It allows marketers to specifically create and share tailored brand content specific to an individual. For instance shoe making brand Nike promotes its product to sportsman through their social media offering.
  2. Social media are immediate and timely – They can be used to reach consumers anytime, anywhere with timely and relevant marketing content specific to brands activities. Making use of this, marketers have started real time marketing based on what’s trending and creating a campaign or content based on it.
  3. Social media can be very cost effective – Though creating and promoting social media content may have high cost but the returns on social media investments are often high compared to traditional methods of marketing like print ads or television ad. Also many social media platform are free or inexpensive to use which puts them within easy reach of small businesses and brands that can’t afford high budget on marketing products and services.
  4. Engaging and social sharing capabilities – The biggest advantage of social media marketing has been their engagement with the customers. Social media are quite suited to creating a customer engagement and getting customer involved with brand and with each other. Customers can comment, give their feedback, like or dislike a particular product design etc. and it helps in shaping and sharing brand content, experiences, information and ideas.

Thus social media marketing can be really useful for reaching customers effectively and in quick time. But it also presents some challenges like-

  1. Many companies even the bigger ones are still experimenting with how to use social media effectively and have monetary gains so still it is not utilized completely
  2. Social media are largely user controlled so a seemingly harmless social media campaign can backfire if it is misinterpreted by the people.
  3. Marketers can’t forcefully way into customer’s digital interactions as they need to earn the right to be there.

However these drawbacks of social media can be taken care by using online visibility and marketing analytics solution software provider like SEMrush, which can help you in social marketing endeavor. Try their 7 day Pro trail absolutely free.

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Quick Guide for Investment

As the markets have fallen considerably due to the pandemic conditions there are frequent questions whether or not investment should be made in mutual funds, stocks etc.

As there is a saying, “History repeats itself”, the same is true with the equity markets, it may be SARS outbreak or Bird Flu outbreak, markets have always recovered from the downfall. In fact it is time to grab quality investment opportunity with both hands.

Most of the stock markets around the world, it may be Dow Jones, Nikkei , BSE, DAX etc. all have fallen considerably. During the great depression of the 1930’s people where also fearful but ultimately the hardships were removed and the markets, economies recovered from the Great depression.

So the question is where should we invest ? And how ?

Basically as the markets are quite volatile it will be advisable to invest in quality blue chip stocks or a blue chip mutual fund. The later one is preferred because the fund manager is always in a better position to select quality stocks in portfolio in an unbiased manner. Moreover the margin of safety is also there as the blue chip funds select only the stocks having good market stability, meaning they have surplus cash with them. As the great investor Mr. Warren Buffet has quoted

The three most important words in investing……Margin of safety”

– Warren Buffet

So you should select a quality equity mutual fund scheme with these parameters-

  1. Investing in blue chip stocks having high cash reserves.
  2. Scheme having low expense ratio. Expense ratio is defined as the percentage of fund assets for running the mutual fund which includes administrative and other operating expenses. In short it is amount charged by asset management companies for running a mutual fund.
  3. Good track record of the fund manager. It is particularly important as you are assigning the person to take care of your hard earned money, he is responsible to take investment calls on your behalf.
  4. Past performance of the fund needs to be checked. The scheme normally outperforms the market whenever the Bull markets are there as most of the companies valuation increases during those conditions. You need to check the fund performance during both bull market and bear market.
  5. Finally we need to check the star ratings provided by the various rating agencies. A good scheme normally has 4 or 5 star ratings which suggests that is as per market trend a good scheme.

If a scheme satisfies the above criteria then you are ready to go for the investment. But one thing needs to be understood that although we have considered every criteria still it may happen that our investment won’t give us good returns, in such case we need to be patient and follow what the smart investor does

Be fearful when the others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful”

– Warren Buffet

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All You Need to Know About Online Marketing

Marketing is the process by which companies engage customers, build strong customer relationships and create customer value. Marketing is all about creating value for customers.

Nowadays due to the technological advancement new ways of marketing have emerged. As we are shifting from physical business environment to online business environment the marketing is changing in a phenomenon way. Digital marketing is replacing traditional marketing since most of the organizations are shifting to digital mode.

Digital marketing involves using websites, mobile ads and applications, online videos, email, blog to engage consumers anywhere, anytime via their computers, smartphones, tablets and other digital devices.

Companies have started using online marketing which refers to marketing via the internet using company website, online advertising and promotions, email marketing, online videos and blog. For most of the companies the first step in online marketing starts with the website creation. But for many small entrepreneurs creating a website becomes a difficult job as they –

  1. Lack the technical skills.
  2. They are short in funds to invest in making a website and running it.
  3. They are unaware of the advantages of website.

The first problem can be easily solved by creating a website easily by following steps-

  1. Select a web hosting provider like Bluehost which can provide you an excellent hosting plan as per the requirement of business. It has a extended 60-day money-back guarantee which means you can cancel your plan anytime in between 60 days if you are not satisfied by the quality and the money will be refunded back. Also it has very good plans starting with as low as $3.95/month. They have 24/7 expert support and you will get the required assistance.
  2. Select a domain name for your website if you have it or you can buy a domain name from any website available but if you go with Bluehost they provide you free domain along with the plan.
  3. Then you can create a website simply using WordPress or a wix. Both the platforms can be used to create a beautiful website with very little programming as they have ready templates which can be used.

The second problem can be solved as there are a number of platforms available online which can provide you free domain and web hosting. However they provide basic requirement but the free versions have some limitations and cannot guarantee website up-time so it is better if we go for paid plan as they provide superior customer support 24/7.

The third scenario is because of unawareness of digital world. Websites provide a lot of advantages to the businesses like –

  1. Website provides easy access to new customers.
  2. Website creates a identity on the internet by using your own domain name.
  3. Website provides a platform for interaction with the customers so customer service can be improved.
  4. Business expansion can be done as business can expand at various geographical location for example due to companies like Amazon you can get your products sitting home at any location in the world.
  5. Website helps in online marketing due to which traditional marketing expenses are reduced considerably.

Hope that the article provides idea on the change in marketing which has emerged due to the digitization of market processes

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